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24 juillet 2017

Beware of stretch marks on man's muscle

When we discuss the matter of stretch marks will definitely be related to the skin. Stretch marks or commonly known as cellulite among women are always characterized by streaks like a scar on the surface of a particular skin.

As a person who pursue the world of lifting weights, you may need to know about this stretch mark. In women, stretch marks usually appear during pregnancy. Due to the skin is too tense interested because of the fetus inside. Tearing on the abdominal skin is due to the breaking of muscle fibers that cause a hollow in the abdominal muscles. The basin is a bit dark in color so it will look like a line of lines. This of course will reduce the beauty of the surface of the abdominal skin.

In other cases stretch marks occur in people who are obese. In this case, stretch marks appear due to the skin that stretches because of fat deposits under the skin that is too much so that the skin stretch exceeds the limit of elasticity so that there are strokes on the skin like a woman who is pregnant.

If a person who has been obese and practiced lifting weights so that his body becomes larger due to increased muscle mass, this will be good because it can reduce the strokes on the skin.

In the weight lifting community, stretch mark cases are rare. Because the increase in muscle mass occurs slowly, so the skin is able to adapt to changing conditions. Similarly, if increased muscle mass is still greater will not cause stretch marks. Increased muscle mass coupled with thinning of the layer of fat under the skin so the skin can stretch properly. Stretch marks can occur when a person is once in a very fat condition. But for people who have normal physical condition and start weight lifting, the possibility of stretch marks is very small.

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22 juillet 2017

The guide to do Deadlift training

Deadlift is not just a matter of strengthening the grip and back, but also able to move all the muscles to work simultaneously. This movement is very good for building coordination between muscles with each other.

No other movement can train the posterior muscles of the chain-from the calf to the trapezius muscle-like a repeated deadlift with an ever-increasing burden. Unfortunately, challenging movements plus heavy weights can make you rush and do not do it perfectly. To improve deadlift technique, you need to know 6 common mistakes when doing deadlift and how to fix it.

Mistake 1: Lifting Expenses By Doing Full-Squat

The deadlift movement is not a squat with a barbell in your hand. If you must compare deadlifts with squats, deadlifts are more similar to half squats than full squats.

Begin a deadlift with a half-squat position with the shoulder blade position above the barbell. Indeed, there are individual variations, but do not start a deadlift from a squatting position. If your starting position is too low, the barbells will be too far ahead of the body, so the effect will be less good for your back and make the force weaker.

Mistake 2: Ignoring the Foot Position

Try to jump up as high as you can without thinking, the position of your feet when you want to jump is a good starting point to find your strongest standing attitude at the deadlift. In general, the position of the right foot is about hip-width, with the toes slightly pointing outwards.

If the feet are too wide, your legs will block the arm when gripping the bar. It will also keep your arms at an angle that makes the movement less natural and increases the distance of your forces.

Mistake 3: Bending Arms When Lifting Weights

When doing a deadlift, you are not training biceps. So, avoid doing curl on load when doing deadlift force. You will not be able to lift a heavy load if you try to force the arms by bending your arms and pulling your biceps.

The most common injury associated with deadlift is the tearing of the biceps muscle. Fortunately, this is very easy to avoid, do not do deadlift by bending the arm. Perform forces with a straight hand. Not only safe, but also reduce the distance of your force.

Mistake 4: Leaning The Body Back

Overzealous lifting practitioners often lean backward during lockouts or lockdowns during training and competition to show control and dominance over the load. In fact, this is something completely unnecessary.

Overly stretching the lower back when doing a deadlift can cause a lower back injury like a herniated disc. For security, efficiency and performance, lift deadlift loads in an upright position.

Mistake 5: Wearing Unfit Shoes

Sports shoes with thick and soft soles should you avoid when going to deadlift, because shoes like this can cause instability on your footing. So, forget your expensive sneakers when going to do a deadlift.

You can do deadlift with bare feet or shoes with a thin sole, hard and flat for a more stable footing and can deliver the load to the entire surface of your foot. With the right shoes, you can easily add loads that can be lifted.

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Mistake 6: Excessive Bending

In contrast to a squat that is too low, there is also a deadlifter that bends too low and hardly bends the knee. This technique is similar to Romanian deadlift, a movement that trains gluteus and hamstring. This movement is actually a deadlift, but only move a joint on the hips, so do not buckle with regular deadlift.

When doing deadlift, your position should be down to half squat, not just bend, so that all the benefits of deadlift you can feel on the body.

Doing heavy lifting deadlifts helps you to train small muscles that are rarely touched and build your muscle strength. In order to safely make deadlifts and feel every benefit, avoid these common mistakes.

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19 juillet 2017

Less sugar diet vs less fat diet

To have a healthy ideal body shape, a person is advised to keep his diet and exercise regularly. Well specifically for this diet can be done in various ways but most people see there are two main factors that the content of sugar and fat in food.

Some people argue that a good diet limits sugar intake, but there is also a opinion that fat is to be avoided. So which one is right? A pair of identical twin doctors Alexander and Chris Van Tulleken tried to answer it by doing experiments.

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Documented by the BBC, Dr. Alexander and Dr. Chris each tried to apply a fat-free diet and sugar-free diet. They are free to eat the desired food but the level of physical activity is equated.

"Identical twins like us are very useful in an experiment because they have the same genes, meaning that any change can be spelled out because pure dietary factors are not genetic," says Dr. Alexander.

"I do not eat carbohydrates, which means sugar free, while Chris is on a low-fat diet, we are free to eat any kind of food ... but beyond that aspect our entire lives, including exercise levels, are equated so that when there is a meaningful change due to diet, "Continued Dr. Alexander.

The result is nothing better than a sugar diet vs a fat diet. The result is nothing better than a diet of sugar versus a fat diet. Photo: BBC

The result dr Alexander and dr Chris can indeed lose weight, but overall both are not fit. With sugar-free diet dr Alexander can not eat fruits and vegetables so often experience constipation problems and difficult to focus. Meanwhile dr Chris who low fat diet extreme body often feel hunger never satisfied.

"So any diet that eliminates sugar or fat will be very uncomfortable, difficult to do, and most likely bad for your health," said Dr. Alexander.

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18 juillet 2017

The sins to avoid when you do body training

Are you not getting the expected results from the exercises you've been through? If the answer is 'yes' then you may do one of these two common mistakes: 1) Your practice is not sufficiently focused and disciplined, or 2) Your practice is blind and does not know what you want to pursue.

In this article, the Fitness Program has underlined 7 "big sins" while practicing, along with how to improve it. Do you often make the following mistakes?
Sin # 1: Skipping Exercises When Not Moody

We often let ourselves be distracted with other things that ultimately make us ignore the practice. Although the exercise schedule is already on hand, you still let the mood take control of the situation.


When do you miss your bedtime at night because you're not in the mood? Well, your workouts should be automated like any other aspect of your daily routine. No need to consider today's exercise or not; When it's time, practice it.
Sin # 2: Coming to a Gym Without a Short or Long Term Plan

Coming to the gym is halfway, but you will not reach anything if you have no plans today-or the next few months. First, first determine your specific goals to achieve within the next year.

Next, you have to break it down into multiple cycles with span of eight months each. You can customize it according to your achievements during this eight-week phase. It's important to have long-term goals (about 6 months) and short-term (about eight weeks).


After having short-term and long-term goals, you need a daily plan. Determine the details of your workout before  -gym. You can do it once for the next few days or every morning before the exercise.
Sin # 3: Obsessing With Strength and Not Varying Your Exercises

Being stronger means that you need to challenge periodically and stimulate muscles in different ways; You can not do the same moves and expect progress. This may work for several weeks, but not for the long term.


Each strength training protocol depends on repetition, load, movement, and volume settings so you can improve overall strength. Find protocols to build strength from pro athletes or strength-training coaches. Recovery is equally important, you know.
Sin # 4: Allowing a Bad Exercise Disrupts Your Long-Term Goals

Let's say you are able to do 4 rep with a certain load on the previous exercise, and today you are able to do 5 rep. Apparently, you are only able to complete 3 rep and this makes your mood worse and you decide to quit the day's exercise.


Everyone is having a bad day at the gym, where performance is not as expected. But, instead of stopping, make some changes in your practice pattern. Do not hesitate to modify the exercise by changing the number of rep and load. Find ways to make your workouts feel successful.
Sin # 5: Using Weight Loads

This happens when you do not compare the number of sets, rep, and loads from one exercise to another. If the training trail is not followed, you tend to choose a "fit" but not challenging burden. Many women who do not lift more weight because of fear muscular.


Make a journal to record your exercise: movement, set, load, and rep. Review this while deciding on your daily plan. You can also record your achievements, so your workouts do not work in place.
Sin # 6: Setting Up Your Diet Program

This can happen when you are training to increase muscle mass, eliminate fat, or both. When you consider your diet is number two, you are easily missed in achieving the number of calories and expected macronutrients. This makes it difficult for you to achieve your goals effectively.

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Make an extra effort to plan your nutrition than exercise. Because, you can eat up to 6 times a day, but exercise no more than two times a day.

Moreover, nutrition requires more planning and preparation. In order for you to get the required amount of nutrients, you need to prepare them for food.
Sin # 7: Expecting Instant Results

Motivation is an important medium, but having excessive expectations can make you practice with excess intensity in the early weeks. Afterwards, the body gets tired, and you stop feeling progress. This is what makes you stop practicing.

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17 juillet 2017

What makes The ketogenic diet special??

The ketogenic diet is beginning to become a super-powerful dietary trend to lose weight. But before this diet is applied to lose weight, this one diet turned out to be an epilepsy therapy.

As quoted from WebMD, ketogenik diet is one of the treatment of epilepsy that has existed since the first. The ketogenic diet is a low-carbohydrate and high-fat diet, where it produces ketone levels from fat-burning metabolism that are known to reduce the occurrence of epileptic seizures.

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The same opinion was also delivered by the clinical nutrition specialist from RS Cipto Mangunkusumo, Dr. dr Fiastuti Witjaksono, MS, MSc, SpGK, that diet known as keto diet is not intended for healthy people, but for the therapy of various diseases.

"Diet keto is a diet with a composition that is not for healthy people, not for normal people.We use keto diets in various diseases," said Dr. Friastuti.

"Under certain conditions, children who are epilepsy, then people who because of the disorder often suffer from seizures," continued Dr. Friastuti.

According to Dr. Friastuti, for healthy people should follow the recommended diet from the Healthy Balanced Nutrition Guidelines of the Ministry of Health is to eat with half a vegetable, a quarter of carbohydrates and a quarter of the side dish.

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16 juillet 2017

Overweight people shoud try to live in mountain area

Obese people should try to stay in the mountains if you want to lose weight. Fats become more flammable as the air gets thinner which is characteristic of mountainous areas.

Scientists say the phenomenon is prevalent in countries with little atmosphere because of high areas such as in Tibet and Argentina.

High areas have thin oxygen air so the body is forced to try hard to get oxygen. While in the oceans or low-oxygen surface is very dense and easy to obtain.

Researchers conducted a study of 20 people who have a body mass index (BMI) 34. A BMI of more than 30 is a sign of people experiencing serious obesity is also a severe problem of obesity. Because someone is said to be fat if BMI is 25-29,9 and obese if BMI reach 30 or more.

The participants managed to lose a few pounds after staying at least one month for this experiment. When living in a mountain the participant's lifestyle changes. With a unique condition it actually makes the metabolism function increases, decreased appetite and decreased blood pressure.

Dr Florian Lippi, from Ludwig Maximillians University in Munich, said understanding the mechanism behind weight loss could provide the basis for new treatments of obese people.

Dr Lippi and his team also studied the effects of staying in the highlands for one week without making changes such as doing regular exercise or food readiness.

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At the end of the study a study was also conducted in an air-conditioned laboratory (AC) near the highest peak of the German mountain Zugspitze, to see its effect on body weight. Apparently food intake and blood pressure have dropped dramatically and these effects continue for up to four weeks afterwards.

Researchers say low levels of oxygen in high areas affect the increase in leptin, a hormone in the brain that plays a role to suppress appetite. Although recognized this cause still needs to be studied further. The discovery has been published in the journal Obesity.

"Weight loss seen in high places is mainly due to increased metabolism and reduced food intake, but the reasons behind these changes are not very clear and may be temporary effects of the body to new climate and environmental changes," Dr Lippi said. From the Telegraph on Sunday

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The benefits of have thick waist for women

Having a thick waist to many times certainly not comfortable, although for some people look adorable. Behind the fat deposits are stored various problems that can interfere with health.

The fat itself may not be too dangerous, but it always signifies a bigger problem.

The risk of diabetes mellitus (DM) type-2 stalked a man with waist circumference above 94 cm and women with waist circumference above 80 cm.

Unfortunately, not many people are aware of this. Quoted from BBCNews, Tuesday (20/4/2010), a survey in the UK showed that 97 percent of people do not care about his waist circumference. Whereas 71 percent of respondents have a wide waist size.

The survey also revealed, compared to men, women tend to be less concerned about health issues associated with waist circumference.

When talking about waist circumference, they are more concerned with appearance and how to cover it through the right clothes.

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Responding to these findings, 3 leading British institutions, the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK and Diabetes UK, organized a campaign titled Active Fat. The goal is no other to make people aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

"Wrapping the tape measure at the waist only takes a few seconds, but this is an important step for a healthier future." Said Dr Mike Knapton, from the British Heart Foundation.

In addition to type 2 DM, other diseases that often hide behind fat deposits at the waist as quoted from Mayo Clinic, among others, as follows.

1. Heart disease
2. Stroke
3. Some types of cancer
4. Insulin resistance
5. Metabolic syndrome
6. Sleep disorders (sleep apnea)
7. Cholesterol (high triglycerides, low HDL or good cholesterol)

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14 juillet 2017

Your body stores more fat when eating in front of TV

Eating should be done with full concentration if you do not want hunger to come fast again. Television and computer screens can interfere with concentration so it should be avoided so that the food eaten can provide a longer satiety sensation.

This conclusion is drawn from the results of research conducted by experts from the University of Bristol recently. A total of 44 participants were included in a series of experiments to reveal the relationship between concentration at meals and the risk of obesity.

The participants were divided into 2 groups, each fed with nine varieties of food that were combined randomly for several days. There is no difference in the portion and the lunch schedule, only the condition is deliberately distinguished.

One group is conditioned to eat without interruption, while the other group eats then afternoon in front of the computer while playing the game. The game played is Solitaire, a classic game but quite fun so it can distract.

Approximately 1.5 hours after lunch the researchers served a snack of biscuits, then counted how many biscuits were eaten. Apparently participants who ate lunch while playing the game eating biscuits 2 times more than those who eat in uninterrupted conditions.

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Researchers also revealed a brain memory impairment in participants who ate lunch in front of the computer. When asked to mention lunch variations that are deliberately combined at random, most of them can not remember correctly.

Disruption of memory or the ability to remember is believed to be the trigger of hunger that comes faster. As a result the portion of the meal on the next meal occasion becomes larger and high risk of causing obesity.

"Concentration and memory can help a person to control appetite, even without ever being noticed by the concerned" said one researcher, Dr Jeff Brunstrom as quoted from Dailymail, Friday (17/12/2010).

This conclusion at once reinforces some of the results of previous research. One previous study says, eating while watching television can also make hunger come faster.

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12 juillet 2017

Do healthy diet to prevent colon cancer

Colon cancer is the most easily preventable type of cancer through a healthy diet. Consumption of red meat is one of the main triggers, while the antidote is quite simple ie diligent eating vegetables that contain fiber.

A recent report from the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) says, 45 percent of colon cancers can actually be prevented by reducing the consumption of red meat in the diet. Among the four-legged animals include goats, cows and pigs.

Research led by Elisa Bandera MD, PhD from Imperial College London is observing no less than 24 scientific publications on colon cancer. All of them show a close association between the consumption of red meat and the risk of colon cancer.

According to research reports, the risk of cancer can be reduced by limiting the consumption of red meat to not exceed 510 grams per week. The amount is approximately equivalent to 5-6 small portions of grilled meat, steak or the like.

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In addition to fresh red meat, processed red or canned meat can also trigger colon cancer. Even the risk of cancer if eating processed meat such as corned beef and the like can be up to 2 times higher than fresh red meat.

Fortunately the results of the research also revealed that fiber in vegetables and fruits is effective enough to counteract the risk of colon cancer. If about 2007 the protective effect in vegetable fiber is still limited to the expectation, the results of this research have confirmed it.

AICR suggests, consumption of red meat and processed meats should be balanced with fiber intake can be obtained from nuts, vegetables, fruits and wheat. Ideal weight and regular exercise also greatly help reduce the risk of cancer.

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11 juillet 2017

Foods with nice spices can press the fat

Almost all fatty foods contain bad cholesterol that is bad for the body. By adding spices such as turmeric and cinnamon it can reduce the negative impact of fat entering the body.

"Eating too much fat will cause the levels of triglycerides (bad cholesterol) to be too much so the risk of heart disease increases.We found that adding spices in a high-fat diet can reduce triglycerides by about 30 percent compared to the same food but without spices, "Said Sheila West, Penn State University researchers were quoted as saying, Thursday (08/11/2011).

To prove it, West and his team provide food for 2 days to 6 men aged 30-65 years who are obese but healthy. The researcher then added 2 tablespoons of culinary spice to the food to be studied. In other groups the food is not added spices. After that the blood of the participants was taken every 30 minutes for three hours.

"In spicy foods we use rosemary, oregano, cinnamon, turmeric, black pepper, cloves, garlic powder and peppers We choose these spices because they have strong antioxidant activity," said Ann Skulas-Ray, one of the researchers .

When eating food with a mixture of antioxidant spices, the results of antioxidant activity in the blood increased by 13 percent and the insulin response decreased by about 20 percent.

According to West, many scientists think that oxidative stress contributes to heart disease, arthritis and diabetes. But antioxidants such as spices are important for reducing oxidative stress thereby reducing the risk of chronic disease.

He added that the dosage of the spices used was equivalent to the antioxidants contained in 5 ounces of red wine or 1.4 ounces of dark chocolate.

Skulas-Ray notes that adding 2 tablespoons of spice in the diet will not cause stomach upset. "They enjoyed the food and did not have digestive problems, but the participants were told beforehand that they would eat spiced food and they were willing to do it," he said.

The study is published in the latest issue of the Journal of Nutrition and is supported by the McCormick Science Institute and the National Institute of Health in the United States.

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